A cup with no lid?

That's just crazy. It must be a German thing.

Bigger, better toys. We must be in Texas!

I got my eye on you, Frog. You can spin, but you can't run or hide.

Jumpin' by the pool door, jumpin' by the pool door. Hey, when can we get in the pool anyway?

We're moving!!

We just hope they don't leave us in this box.

Just another hilarious day

Wait, what's that you say...?

Jax has a carrot in his mouth...?

That's hysterical, nevermind that I'm sitting in a box.

Happy Mother's Day!

All dressed and ready to impress! Happy Mother's Day, Mom. We love you!!

Open mouth, insert foot

It's a good thing though.

The bare foot vs. covered foot preference is still up for debate though.

The time is near

Soon, very soon, we will be cruising around the house. Mommy is fast, but she is only one person, there are two of us!

They made me do it

Needless to say, we're getting confused. We have MIZZOU, and Hawkeye clothes. It's only a matter of time before we get KU, Nebraska and Minnesota clothes as well. We're just babies, stop confusing us!

Found a better one

Sometimes, daddy doesn't know what he's doing. This one is so much better than the other one he posted while we were on our trip. Emerson was fun, and gentle.