Cats and dogs at a picnic

We went all out with our face painting at a picnic. Dog . . .

 . . . and cat. Meow.

We also tried the sack race for the first time ever. We have some work to do.

We both earned prizes for one of the game we played and we both chose kites. It was a wonderfully windy day and they both flew perfectly.

Golfing and climbing

We took our newfound passion to the course.

We loved our disc gold summer camp and now love to throw our disks whenever we can. And yes, they're called discs, not frisbees.

After our time on the course, we stopped by the old water tower nearby. It was open for tours.

We took to the stairs and climbed for what seemed like forever.

The view from the top was worth the climb.


Oh baseball, how we love thee.

Especially the hitting . . .

. . . and the running.

We had a pretty good year at the plate . . .

. . . and an even better year running the bases.

It was not easy to get us out.


We probably improved the most on defense this year.

We started learning where to be on defense, even if we didn't have or weren't going to get the ball.

We had a fantastic coach who really to the time to teach us the game.


Our last game and the season ended before we knew it. What came next almost . . . oh who are we kidding . . . what came next definitely made up for the end of the season.


Coach Tom handed them out and told us each something great about the season.

And after that . . . PARTY! . . . we invited the team to our house for a little backyard fun.

a-MAZE-ing RACE-ing

While Grandma and Grandpa Stro were visiting, we met Grandma and Bumpa at the conservatory and discovered the greatest . . . maze . . . ever.

Naturally we made it into a race . . .

. . . but Daddy took it one step further and made one race a scary race.

It was pretty awesome when we laid eyes on the finish tower.

It made us run even faster . . .

. . . so we could reach the finish line . . .

. . . and hop through the tube before climbing the tower at the end.

Gardens without gardening

We took Grandma and Grandpa to the arboretum to look at all the plants and pretty flowers.

There were lots of paths to explore . . .

. . . and even a snake that we saw for a brief moment before it slithered away and hid.

The sculpture garden was super cool . . .

. . . and there were lots of benches overlooking lots of beautiful scenes.

Rally caps

TWINS WIN! TWINS WIN! We took Grandpa Stro and Cathy to a Twins game while they were here and we were lucky enough to see a Twins win in 11 innings and Gardy's 70h ejection.

And we were lucky enough to enjoy some Dippin Dots from a helmet . . .

. . . and see the fireworks after a Josh Willingham homer.

We were not lucky enough to get on the jumbotron while flexing our muscles, even though we still had our rally caps on.

At least the rally caps worked to get us that win.

The train ride home put Charley to sleep in a hurry.

Green line

We finally got to ride the new Green Line train. We helped figure out how to purchase tickets. If only Grandma and Grandpa knew how lucky they were.

As soon as it arrived, we hopped on . . .

. . . and watch the scenery as it change from one downtown to the other.

As always, we had stimulating conversation.

We stopped a few blocks away from the farmer's market and walked the rest of the way. It was a beautiful morning.

Lights . . . pajamas . . . FIREWORKS!

Luckily there is a fireworks display not too far from our house. We can see them from our sledding hill.

Before they started we ran up and down the hill with our glow sticks . . .

. . . and showed off our glow powers.

When the fireworks started we oohed and aahed throughout the whole show.

Noise for the neighborhood

We held out annual Fourth of July Parade this year. There were slightly fewer people than the past few years, but we did our best to make as much noise as possible.

And our usual spectators were out to cheer us on.

We were super excited for the parade before it sarted, it was hard to wait for all our friends to arrive.

After the party, we inflated the waterslide and got the real party started.